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Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama

After the election, an interesting take with an interview before the election. Let’s HOPE he CHANGES and this doesn’t come true.


27 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama

  1. Sorry, I disagree.  I think he is one of those black men who need to have the acceptance of the dominant culture, the ones who detest him, the conservatives.

  2. Did you listen?? I think not. He said that he "had accomplished nothing other than advancing his career through rhetoric". I would say that becoming President is just what Sowell is saying. He said Obama talked his way into the White House by just expounding bull crap instead of knowing anything! I agree…..

  3. Obama accomplish nothing? Well Obama is the President of the United States! i think that is a heck of an accomplishment.
    What have you done Sowell other than being the shadow of the great M. Friedman.

  4. It's a fucking hilarious to watch a guy who claims to know how to run things say Obama is an elitist because 'he knows what to be done and he will do it'.

    Advancing his career through rhetoric – that's Sowell's whole career, lol, LOL!

  5. This man is so jealous of Obama….

  6. Easy, he isn't a communist.

  7. Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman = Economists with logic

  8. We COULD breed like rabbits.

    Tibetans COULD breed like rabbit also.

    That does not change the fact that they (like us) are subject to a program of GENOCIDE.

    Genociding people and then saying "Oh, well it's their fault – they should have bred more." Does not remove you anti-White's responsibility from the genocide you're a perpetrating against my people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  9. You know, part of the reason white people are disappearing is the same reason true African black people are disappearing – the races are *gasp* mixing.

    Yes, just as the Irish and the English and the Germans and the French and the Polish and the Italians and the Swedish all mixed to create "white people," the white people are now mixing with blacks and Mexicans and Indians and Asians to create other mixed races.

    Race is an illusion, get over it.

    Or breed more.

  10. Assuming this is true, the only message I can take away is that it's ok to drive people off their land and/or massacre them as long as the people you are doing that to have previously done that to another group of people." This just happens to be EXACTLY the arguments anti-racists use to excuse their insitence on flooding every white nation and ONLY white nations with millions of non-whites. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-WHITE.

  11. Often we hear anti-whites use the term "minorities" used to refer to Africans, Indians, ect

    But In 1900 my people, white people, comprised 33% of world population, today we are at 9% and dropping like a rock. Not only are we a minority in the world but because of immigration & assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries our children are poised to be minorities IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within a few decades.

    This is genocide. This is evil and this must stop!


  12. watch?v=AUpRroefWPk

  13. You are in no position to call anyone stupid.

    Government stays in office pandering to the lowest common denominator. They redistribute wealth to people who are too lazy to work in exchange for their votes.


    The FDA has killed more people than a free market ever did. Big business uses the FDA to keep the small businesses from competing with them. People should have the right to take a risk on drugs that may just save their life.


  14. Because we elect the government stupid and if they want to stay in power they might as well do some sort of protection. And trusting companies by reputation means that we have to wait till they make a mistake like before and in the early 20th c. Do you not remember how they messed up the thalidomide drug causing birth defects in babies! So what let them die and then see if the company changes and if it doesn't (when its too late) we abandon it! By regulation such primary mistakes goes.

  15. Creating regulations to protect people is no different than giving free health care or free food or shelter. It makes people not care enough to do their due diligence. People should trust businesses via their reputation. If people trust businesses only because government will protect them, the businesses have no incentive to give their customers the best service. This short circuits capitalism and causes many distortions in the market. Why would you think government has a incentive to serve you?

  16. But regulation for the most part ensures safety, fairness and in most cases protects the people. People like you deal in absolutes, either full on or no regulation of business failing to free market capitalism is a competition and you're expecting the invisible magic forces of capitalism to help good and destroy bad business but it doesn't account for the moral greyness or disguises that will be donned by business. There must be some outside regulation for us and them but not too much

  17. I love how people think that Thomas Sowel criticizes both the left and the right. Explain how that works when the right is freedom loving and the people he criticizes are freedom hating?

  18. Ha Ha hah! Uncle Thomas, what have YOU accomplished?

  19. Who is this lady they're interviewing?

  20. Thank you Thomas Sowell! For cutting through the BS! Genius!

  21. Not at all -libertarians want more free market trade which will allow customer choice –Big government allows lobbying to reduce customer choice by having monopolies.
    If you think about it the greatest socialist big brother states had no choice and no freedom—and no liberty

  22. Well, like all other Ponzi schemes, those who get in first, benefit and those who get in last lose big time.

  23. What I just said went right over your head. What they need to do is NOT give the government the power to regulate business. As soon as you give them the power, the big companies that have the most money will influence the bureaucrats to create regulations that prevent competition and create monopolies. If you DON'T give government the power to regulate business, there is no power to influence, UNDERSTAND? We need FREE markets!

  24. This is what we have….it's called Corporatism and it sucks!

    Why would you think putting big government on businesses is good? This is why there are so few small businesses and lots of big corporations. Government and corporations each have what the other one wants. The big corporations want the power to create regulations that prevent smaller companies from competing with them and government bureaucrats want the money that the big corporations can gift to them in exchange for their power.

  25. All national social security schemes are unallocated taxes –in reality not one government scheme actually relates financially to the tax collected in it's name.
    When the proportion of working men to benefit claimants was 20 to 1 as in 1945 the scheme looked healthy, but now with a ratio of 3 to 1 it is clearly broken.
    They are a giant ponzi scheme as you say –and the next generation will have to pay for them.

  26. Utter nonsense –small businesses failed at a record rate under FDR and unemployment averaged 20% –the great big state schemes achieved very little other than to run the US national debt to recorsd figures.
    What saved FDR was the war in Europe + full military employment

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