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Thomas Sowell – From Marxism to Capitalism

Dr. Sowell explains how working for the Dept of Labor taught him something Milton Friedman could not.


48 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell – From Marxism to Capitalism

  1. Government employment = welfare for college graduates.

  2. Blame all you want on the gov't – and you will find plenty of examples and justification. But go to the origins of gov't and cronyism and you might see things a tad differently.

  3. This man should also guide young people on what to eat. He looks very young. I can’t believe that he was older than 70 plus.

  4. Yes they were acting in self interest but it would be fatally flawed to assume all organizations have this culture and clearly they DO NOT. Too simplistic of an argument to change your thinking over. Where are the studies showing all organizations in government function like this? Do they function this way in emergencies or just on the day to day, do all of them or some of them? Come on people, these economists are hardly intellectuals.

  5. Interesting how the Left believes we already have socialism just because we have department of transportation to maintain infrastructure, fire departments, police departments and a military which are funded by taxpayer money. They make this weak argument as a justification to further their "Socialism" agenda.

  6. Here is a question.

    Does the US government accomodates corporations at the expense of working people?

  7. "They weren't trying to establish justice on the face of the Earth, they were holding on to pretty good jobs!" Exactly. Government in a nutshell.

  8. He should have ran for president

  9. It is amazing how humble Dr. Sowell is. He does not seem to think that going to Harvard was a big deal and he does not feel the need to brag about his intelligence.

  10. still did not explain the conversion from marxism to capitalism. what did he realize except that gov is inefficient in things, ?

  11. How many years at Harvard to discover,morgages charge twice with first 15 years mostly intrest in a parasidic system run by shysters.

  12. @6:59 the fakest whitest laugh in the world 😆

  13. Unbridled capitalism good, government bad. Yawn

  14. You’ll never see this man on CNN

  15. I like this guy, never read him or listened, but now I am. Easy to listen to and understand! Run for Pres! Smart! Thank you, Mr. Sowell.

  16. Great interview, great thinker.

  17. Same thing that Sowell experienced goes on even today. Anybody who is rational and patriotic and wants to see the world become a better place is harassed, threatened, and driven out of government.

    Look how tenaciously they are fighting now against Trump because he, and everyone who voted for him, wants Washington under control. Especially since it’s tax payer money being wasted and abused. Bureaucrats love the non competitive environment of the bureaucracy.

  18. My comments are not going through. God bless Thomas Sowell. His road is bright.

  19. Thomas Sowell is the embodiment of common sense. I wish he'd entered politics.

  20. Thomas Sowell is a freaking genius I love listening to him!!!

  21. I wish Mr Sowell was my grandfather.

  22. consolidation of capital in fewer and fewer hands, capitalism is being gamed,

  23. I hate these kinds of softball interviews. People are always able to give their opinion unchallenged. I want to see a discussion between two equally educated people on the subject so that I can figure out what is really going on. Not just Sowell being interviewd giving libertarian arguments. Then Krugman being interviewed giving liberal-left arguments. Let them fight and see who wins.

  24. What is the difference between his basic economics common sense guide book and his basic economics citizens guide book? And the fourth edition and fifth edition? Is it t he same book just added pages?

  25. I did not know Thomas Sowell was a former Marxist but, i am glad he woke up saw the truth !

  26. So sugar cane and hurricanes was the excuse in Puerto rico, and low oil prices are the excuse du jour for Venezuela. Never the truth that socialism is poison.

  27. Thanks again Liberty Pen! Your work on this channel is so appreciated and SO necessary.

  28. TL:DR asking questions to verify things reveals who has what intention. As always, evidence is key to any claim.

  29. I am sorry to see Dr. Sowell aging. I want him to stay around forever. Dr. Sowell's answers are so clear and succinct yet so true. Compare that to other intellectuals like Sam Harris who takes forever to get to the point.

  30. Shame the WSJ is such fucking cancer

  31. as a current socialist, I'm going to watch everything this man says

  32. Thomas Sowell is an honest intellectual. A man who pursues truth. Smith, Hayek, Friedman, and Sowell are my favorite philosopher economist. Men dedicated to the pursuit of truth. The key element needed to see government for what it truly is, is opening your eyes to the fact that government is an imaginary construct, run by other ordinary flawed people. Ordinary flawed people that you've allowed to use the initiation of violence and coercion against you, even though you KNOW it's immoral for you initiate violence and use coercion.

  33. The truth has a certain ring to it (Ernest Hemingway). I show this to american friends who never heard of the man. To hide this man, that right there is the old racism of the democrat party.

  34. I love you Professor Sowell.  You are a gift to our country.

  35. He stopped being a Marxist because he said that data showed the minimum wage being raised meant fewer workers being employed and the government agency he worked for wanted to cover that up? I've read his 1985 book "Marxism: Philosophy and Economics," he clearly knows what historical materialism, dialectical materialism, and Marx's analysis of capitalism actually are, but Sowell's story makes no sense as a reason to abandon Marxism.

  36. Man, oh, man do I love this interview.

  37. the laugh at 2:56 LMFAO

  38. If you are not a Liberal in your 20's, you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative in your 40's, you have no mind. Great post!

  39. Sure the federal government is bad, but that isn't really an argument against Marxism. Nor is the minimum wage law an argument for or against Marxism. I've seen so many videos of Sowell's so-called dismantling of Marxism but he has only ever attacked various forms of Keynesian economics and government control/price controls. That has nothing to do with Marxism quite frankly. The reason people understandably mix the two up is because of the horrible failures of the Soviet Union. They set up State Capitalism, as Lenin himself stated, not socialism. They replaced capitalist bosses with state bosses. Workers were still being exploited (to use the jargon), just by different people. Workers' control, not state control, is what Marx advocated. Read some of his works and you'll find that he has no love for bureaucrats whatsoever.

  40. I can't believe this guy is still kicking at 84. I hope he lives to 100!

  41. Even Milton Friedman could not cure him of Marxism, but working for the government did.
    Now that is funny.
    Sowell is the best.

  42. Do you honestly think that the only options in this situation are full on communism or full on privatization? I'll cut to the chase: communism is bad, privatizing essential public services that are turning a profit or are vital to the public is also bad.

  43. Exactly why the federal government is supposed to do NOTHING except what is spelled out in the constitution. They have tossed that out the window. We must shrink the federal government and keep most authority in the states.

  44. Brilliant man that explains the simplicity of some government institutions ; self-interest.

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