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Thomas Sowell – Preferential Policies (Full Interview)

CSPAN JUNE 10, 1990 Book Discussion on Preferential Policies Sowell discussed his book Preferential Policies: An International Perspective, published by …


24 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell – Preferential Policies (Full Interview)

  1. "It's not so much being ignored……."

  2. Does anyone know how to reach Dr. Sowell either through email or PO box?

  3. 1:20 The wards cove decision
    If you can’t find black engineers, they don’t hire as many black janitors. Sounds like a bad policy.
    10:00 A conflict of visions
    Why people reach different ideological positions.
    Positions grow out of a certain vision of the world.

  4. Will be using 30:0050:00 as an example of todays problems.

  5. Having juat groaned through Prince William's nonsensical speech about diversity at the Bafta awards in 2020 it's amazing to watch the great man Sowell discuss the inherent problems of forcing diversity into all aspects of society (regardless of empirical evidence to prove its efficiency) a full 30 years ago. Always fascinating to spend a hour listening to someone who seems to be talking facts rather than shouting rhetoric

  6. I love around 48:00 when he basically says why would he waste his time

  7. As I listen to Dr.Sowell, it occurred to me that the more things change the more they remain the same.🕵🏻‍♀️🕊❤️🇺🇸

  8. those 20 dislikes were NAACP members

  9. We need more people like Thomas Sowell

  10. YOUTUBE?GOOGLE…hey what's with the vanishing posts ???

  11. Trying again…questioning vanishing posts

  12. Great man. Brilliant guy.

  13. Is it me, or is this interview repeating itself near the end?

  14. Thanks for this, Love it! Unbelievable tho right!??! 1990?? I'm from the UK and I had no idea at all that this stuff had been on campus this long. I thought Antefa and SJW's and Neo-Progressives were a very recent phenomenon. No doubt since Obama and Clinton's foreign policy and Clinton's election loss the myth of the white male patriarch and white male privilege has grown strong legs. If you think about it every white male in America, even the world, is being accused of being Bill Clinton, LOL. Power hungry, corrupt, Rapists and racists who steel the lime light from their significant others. Anyone remember Christopher Hitchens' book from 1994[ish] where he points out Hillary Clinton has a penchant for pointing fingers and blaming everyone and anyone in the world for her own and her husbands folly. The whole history of the Democratic Party is A.) Playing the race card. B.) Blaming everyone else for their own mess – Rich People, Poor People, White People, Black People, Single Moms, Rap Music, Rock Music, Men, Women, the 1%, Capitalism, even their own financial backers get thrown under the bus, the Irish, the Chinese, the Jews… I'm not sure if there's anyone who has been left out? T. Sowell, W. Williams and M. Friedman among others, the greatest thinkers of the post WWII era without a doubt, would not be who they are or where they are if the Democrats had their way because Harvard and Yale would not have had them before WWII thanks to Liberals and their racist quotas. Also Hitchens points out that both Clinton's have a "Cult like following". Very interesting going back to read that book now, especially when you consider what Dr. Sowell is saying here also. It explains nearly everything that's going on.

  15. I miss respectful Democrats……

  16. I read many of the preceding comments…..we are beyond impressed…..thank you for taking time to communicate with us……hopefully we can get a chance to apply what we have learned here…. God bless you….

  17. Sri Lanka introduced suicidal bombing…look it up

  18. Ideologues think then have the way , the truth and the light…the rest are afraid of them….dangerous predicament

  19. "I don't want people to make decisions that do not have to pay the price for those decisions" interesting…

  20. Europe are you listening?

  21. Sri Lanka…correct spelling

  22. Suicide Bombing began in Sri Lanky…ummm

  23. please can someone get this man out of retirement!!!!

  24. I love how practical and pragmatic he is. So objective and intellectually honest. And he doesn’t seem to care one bit about fame or fortune. Truly one of the greatest minds of our time.

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